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    7PM on October 1, 2009


    FIT's Haft Auditorium.


    Selected Animations

    MetroCAF 2009 Jury

    Selected Animations

    A professional jury selected 26 animation to be included in MetroCAF 2009. This years jury consisted of Michelle Barfoot (Mercer County Community College), Lucien Harriot (Mechanism Digital), Nadia Husain (Big Star), Susie Jang (UVPhactory) and Cesar Kuriyama (Charlex).

    The five jury awards will be announced during the show.



    by Christian Haniszewski & Rogelio Olguin (School of Visual Arts)
    "Two soldiers who have only one route to safety. One of those soldiers knows what danger lurks before them, and risks his life to save the other"

    Burn Down


    by HyunWoo Kim (Pratt Institute)
    "A five minute 3D animated black comedy about the significance of life."

    Chicken Cowboy


    by Stephen Neary (New York University)
    "Chicken Cowboy wasn't looking for a fight, but he found one."

    Community Service


    by Vadim Kiyaev (Pratt Institute)
    " ‘What goes around, comes around’ when a nasty fly bothers a nice electrician."



    by Paris Mavroidis (Pratt Institute)
    "A long and impossible choreographed dive"

    Employee of the Month


    by Taylor Cook (Pratt Institute)
    "A short following a coffee-fanatic during a long day at work with his boss."

    Heart Shaped Box


    by Joseph Ibrahim (NYU-CADA)
    "A man and a woman seductively feed eat other chocolates as they discover a surprise."

    Le Cou Cou


    by Zed Bennett (School of Visual Arts)
    "An elderly clock smith gets a wake up call when a clock chimes off hour."

    Magic Theatre


    by Jordan Harvey (School of Visual Arts)
    "A puppet show about a man's inner strengh to carry on"

    Man Hunt


    by Amjad Olabi (School of Visual Arts)
    "A boy must Hunt to become a man"

    Mars Madness


    by Ben Fox (NYU-CADA)
    "The eventful end of the Mars Exploration Mission."

    Mind Blend


    by Jessica Lee (Pratt Institute)
    "An immersive installation inspired by my synesthetic experiences while listening to music"

    Pause Replay


    by Chan-Chia CHANG (School of Visual Arts)
    "A love story between a camera and a camcorder"

    Reminiscence, the Place to Return


    by Naotaka Minami (Pratt Institute)
    "A man's dream-like recollection of a moment with his grandmother during his childhood."



    by Junn Omictin (Pratt Institute)
    "Two characters fall in love inside a vending machine"



    by Taili Wu (School of Visual Arts)
    "Composed by fragments of my dreams, memories and emotions."



    by George Smaragdis (Pratt Institute)
    "A story about friendship between an inquisitive boy and a solitary bone carver"



    by Qazi Hamza Javed (NYU-CADA)
    "Your existence is but a game; a mere move in the hands of the mighty."

    SURFACE : A film from underneath


    by Varathit Uthaisri (Parsons New School for Design)
    "An experimental film exploring the emotional journey from an underground urban perspective."

    The Machine Stops (Trailer)


    by Freise Brothers (School of Visual Arts)
    "Science fiction dystopian tragedy based on EM Foster's orginal short story from 1909"

    The Mousse Tale


    by Cilian Tung (Pratt Institute)
    "Three characters learn the importance of cooperation by trying to get sweets in a breadbox."

    The Strongest


    by Jaemin Lee (School of Visual Arts)
    "Who is the strongest in a topsy-truvy world?"

    The Unseen Journey


    by Chung Yueh Tseng (Parsons New School for Design)
    "An animated PSA depict the struggles of bipolar patients"

    The Wizard of Odds


    by Sheri Wong (School of Visual Arts)
    "A retired wizard removes his old traditions and decides to start up a new hobby"



    by Shiou-wen Hong (School of Visual Arts)
    "The concept is Man and Nature, portraying the image of the original form in human"

    Without Arms


    by Alek Vacura (Pratt Institute)
    "The Venus de Milo comes to life and tries to find arms"